The Marvelous Lion King Costume and Mask

The statement above simply means no worries! This was popularized by a song that was written for one of the world highest earning animated films of all time, The Lion King. This Disney movie blockbuster was released in 1994 and received rave reviews all over the world. The economic and creative impact felt by the movie has been immense, with a few notable examples as follows:

There have been many popular songs from the movie like “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, which was sung by the great Elton John and bagged an Oscar for Best Original Song, “Hakuna Matata” and “Circle of Life” which both earned a nomination each for the same category. Because of its huge success, it has earned a whopping 784 million dollars in ticket sales and merchandise.

The Lion King’s massive victory in the silver screen can be linked to its great graphic designs and illustrations as well as its remarkable story. The all-star voice talents include Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Irons, James Earl Jones, Whoopi Goldberg and Jonathan Taylor Thomas. The movie, which was directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff, has also inspired a lot of theatre musicals and plays since its release.

Disneyland has been home to a lot of Lion King theatrical plays. It has been a huge attraction for a lot of tourists and locals because of its highly budgeted sets and colorful props.

The Lion King has been no stranger in creating one of the world’s most artistic and impressive costumes. These costumes may not only be worn in plays and stage acting but as well as in costume parties.

It is the last point about costumes that I will focus on in this article.
One thing great about choosing Lion King for your costume is that you can choose from a wide variety of animals. You can be Simba, the great lion, Pumbaa the warthog or even Timon, one of Simba’s close meerkat friends. However, if you are excited to have a Lion King Halloween party but are afraid of the huge expense it will create, then don’t worry, you can always make your very own costumes and masks at home.
First, decide which character you would like to portray; you can print a picture from the internet to serve as your guide. In doing these masks, the materials you need are cardboard, scissors, yarn, coloring materials and rubber bands. After having all your materials prepared you can now start drafting the face of Simba (or another favorite) on to a piece of cardboard. You can then cut the drawing as well as two eye holes. When you are finished, you can now start coloring the drawing using paints, pencils, crayons or markers. You can then add yellow and brown yarn to make up Simba’s beautiful mane. Before trying it on, you should add holes near the ears for the rubber band to go through. This will serve an anchor to your ears in order to secure the mask’s position. If you want to create a body costume as well, you could always use your old bathrobes with the same color as of a lion’s. This will be a great substitute for the lion’s fur.
Making your own mask may be a little time consuming. All you have to do is to remember the end result of your hard work in order for you to be motivated. This will surely inspire you to finish making the Lion King mask which will be the envy of many! So now I leave you saying Hakuna Matata and start making your mask without any worries.


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